McLaren Senna appears on the cover art of game Forza Horizon 4

The supercar from the partnership between McLaren and the Senna brand is one of the main attractions of Forza Horizon 4; The Microsoft game is scheduled for launch on October 2.

The success enjoyed by the McLaren Senna on the track is coming to one of the main racing videogames in the world: Forza Horizon 4. The game will be launched on October 2 for Microsoft Xbox One and also Windows 10. The official announcement took place last month in Los Angeles (US) at E3, the largest gaming show in the planet.

Besides being featured on the game’s cover art, the McLaren Senna is already a highlight of the demo version, in which players can use three of the cars that will be in the game. According to the first impressions of some gamers, the McLaren Senna is extremely fast and offers a never-before-seen experience through the game’s several landscapes, all of them in Great Britain. The graphics, sounds and special effects of the McLaren Senna are another highlight of the Forza Horizon 4, which features 450 cars from more than 100 different makers, besides varied landscapes and weather conditions.

McLaren Automotive’s global sales director, Jolyon Nash, believes that the presence of the McLaren Senna on Forza Horizon 4, a Microsoft exclusive, is a good way to introduce the car to different audiences.

“Videogames are getting more and more realistic, and our relationship with Forza has been a powerful tool to increase the brand’s notoriety and show why McLaren cars are so special. Few people will have the chance to drive a McLaren Senna, but now this new audience (gamers), will be able to experience the excitement of driving the car on the virtual tracks of Great Britain”, said Jolyon.

The McLaren Senna was launched on December, 2017, and it’s the first car to ever display the Senna brand. Conceived as a street car with a racing DNA, the machine weighs 1,198 kg (2,641 lb), goes from 0 to 200 kmh (0 to 124 mph) in just 6.8 seconds, and has a top speed of 340 kmh (211 mph). As a three-time F1 champion, Ayrton Senna won all his titles in the main category of motor sports with McLaren (1988, 1990 and 1991).

The game is on presale at the official website.